About Denver Bone Broth

Why We Do it

Our mission is to craft artisanal, culinary-inspired bone broths using real ingredients, designed for sipping and enriching an active, healthy lifestyle.  These bone broths, revered as an ancient superfood, delight the taste buds while delivery essential nutrients.  That’s why we like to say ‘Sip For Life!'

How We Got Started

My fascination with Bone Broth began over ten years ago.  My wife, Leanne, and I love to cook at home, and I became curious about how to use the leftover bones and scraps after we cooked a meal. So, I first started experimenting with the slow cooker, making chicken, beef, pork, and even vegetable-flavored sipping broths. I loved sipping on these hot, savory elixirs, especially during the chillier fall and winter seasons.  After drinking these homemade bone broths regularly, I noticed a change in certain areas of my health.  

My energy levels were up, I wasn’t getting sick as often, and I was even sleeping better.  Once I replaced my morning coffee with bone broth, I knew I was hooked for life. I was drinking it daily and learned pretty quickly I couldn’t make enough to keep up with my own demand!  I needed another source, so I bought from grocery stores and online retailers. And I quickly learned about the difficulty of finding good bone broth in today’s market.

Bone broth is a challenge to make because it requires time, the right amount and types of quality bones, and a complement of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Unfortunately, the store-bought bone broths I was buying tasted watered down, and they had unpleasant off-flavors.  When I read the ingredient panel, I saw preservatives, artificial flavorings, protein supplements were included and learned they use unnatural cooking processes to package them. This wasn’t going to work for me. 

So, in 2021, we took matters into our own hands. We started working with local partners to make our own craft-made bone broths right here in Denver, CO.  We’ve received tremendous support and response from our local community. It was an affirmation that we weren’t the only ones looking for a high-quality sipping bone broth. It’s been a fun journey thus far, and we’re excited about the future of building the bone broth community here in CO and beyond!  


Sip for Life!
– Patrick

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