Frequently Asked Questions

Bone Broth 101

What is bone broth?

Bone broth is a liquid created by simmering water with meaty bones, cartilage, and quite often with vegetables, herbs, and spices to enhance flavor and nutrients. An authentic bone broth is slow-cooked over several hours and is composed of collagen, bone marrow, and cartilage. It is known as an ancient food because it has been a staple meal for people worldwide dating back centuries.

What are the health benefits of bone broth?

Bone Broth has been referred to as 'Nature's Elixir' for good reason. In addition to its great taste, it has many health benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances muscle development
  • Supports digestion and gut health
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Aids in the repair of joint & bone tissue
  • Increases hydration
  • Improves skin, hair, and nail health
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports fertility

*** Many other benefits have been documented, but these are the ones that we have experienced either personally or by family or friends.

Bone broth and stock. Is there a difference?

That's like asking if there's a difference between a 50-year-old scotch and a 10-year-old one. The flavor, the color, the enjoyment from savoring are all significantly enhanced with time. Just like a 50-year-old scotch, Denver Bone Broth is full-flavored, rich in color, and made to be savored with every sip.

Bone Broth is made with bones, like the leftover turkey carcass from last Sunday's dinner, knuckles, joints, marrow, and meatier bones of the animal. Broth is simmered for several hours to pull out the gelatin from the bones, the most nutritious part of the animal.

Stock is cooked for shorter periods of time and is intended for cooking not sipping. It looks and smells a lot like broth, but the taste and color is far different. You may have bought broth from your grocery store. Unfortunately, you can taste a profound difference. They also tend to include artificial ingredients, "natural flavors" and preservatives that are added to extend shelf life.

An authentic bone broth should be colorful, robust in flavor, dense with nutrients, and gelatinous when refrigerated.

Why is your bone broth frozen?

Once our bone broth is fully cooled, we freeze it in glass jars to preserve freshness and quality. It is not shelf-stable and needs to be kept in the freezer or refrigerator because we don't add preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, or "natural" flavors.

How do I drink it?

Keep the jars in the freezer or refrigerator until you're ready to use it.

If frozen, defrost overnight in the refrigerator or room temperature for a quicker thaw. One trick for a super quick defrost is to place the jar in a bowl or run it under the faucet with warm water.

Once defrosted, pour desired amount into a saucepan and heat over medium heat on the stovetop. Just as it reaches a simmer, it's ready!

We encourage you to take in the aroma before taking that first sip as it adds to the sensory experience. We recommend one 8 oz cup daily for general wellness and sustainable energy.

How long with my broth last?

You can keep it frozen for up to 8 months or in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. But…we bet it doesn't last that long.

Can I cook with it?

The quick answer to this question is ‘yes’. However, we like to ask if you cook with fine wine? Some do. But we don't, and we wouldn't want the deliciousness that is our broth to evaporate into thin air. Unless you're making soup, ramen, or some other meal where you'll enjoy drinking the broth, we suggest you stick to sipping for the best drinking and nutritional experience.

Can I add anything to the broth?

Absolutely! One of our favorites is to add a tablespoon of miso paste to our Essential Chicken bone broth. It's a savory, umami explosion! A few other suggestions to enhance flavor and boost health benefits are ginger, turmeric, chili oil, mushroom powder, lemongrass, lime juice, or a quality butter or ghee. We encourage you to experiment and explore with add-ins as much as possible! Check out our product pages for more add-in suggestions.

Why does the bone broth look like jello when it is cold?

That's the collagen that so many people crave for its health and beauty benefits. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the major component of our joints, ligaments, hair, skin, and nails and contributes to gut and immune health and strong bones. When cooled, it turns into a gelatin substance. It's like the Jello we ate as a kid, but this one is all-natural and good for you! As soon as you heat it, the collagen will turn to liquid. A gelatinous broth should be the sign for a properly made bone broth. If it doesn't jiggle, it's not real bone broth.

What is the sediment in my broth?

First things first, the sediment is perfectly fine to drink. It occurs as the bones, meat, veggies, herbs, etc. break down while simmering on high heat for an extended time. This is no different from the sediment haze or particles you may see in a cloudy, unfiltered beer like an East Coast IPA or Hefeweizen. We do skim our bone broth, but some sediment particles will remain in the liquid adding to its unfiltered look.